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WHAT'S NEW ON THE RONNIE-SUSAN ROMANCE? (The Weekly Nation, June 12, 1967)

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There are things or battles one can fight in silence and that is happening to me now, says Susan concerning rumors about her and Ronnie.


AS THEY sat side by side, they really looked romantically right for each other.  So evident too was the flow of intimate companionship that surrounded them, with that special glow on their faces even as they talked casually.

Such was the beautiful picture I saw when Ronnie and Susan were watching a basketball game in the Fil-Am compound one Sunday afternoon.  I wished then that I could have caught that elusive moment on canvas like a painter.

People continue to talk and talk and talk.  Tongues wag that the king and queen of our movies have parted ways in the same breath that other pesky mouths insist that the two have already exchanged vows.

Ronnie, who at first would just give a naughty glance and a sweet smile whenever confronted about his feelings for Susan, is now more serious.

"I cannot confirm nor deny such items.  I only know what's happening to Susan and myself when I read magazines.  Sometimes they say we quarrel, reconcile and quarrel and reconcile and on top of all this, that we are already married.  Despite these talks I am not the least confused.  I am always firm in my decisions and it is useless to repeat for the nth time the name of the girl I love so much," Ronnie was heard to tell a close friend who seemed to be bothered also by the rumors.

A tipster informed me that Ronnie once was approached by a group of susan diehards who fired questions at him regarding Susan.  One of them even went to the extent of telling Ronnie that should he be untrue to Susan, their group would stage a "revolt" or something of that sort against him.  They were deeply affected by the news linking Ronnie to different women.

Ronnie reportedly tried to be gentle and cool in answering them.  "I can never do that to Susan.  Never...Don't you trust me any more?"

As if to prove that he is a guy true to his word, Ronnie vehemently denied to a lady reporter that he was paying court to another actress.

Other Gossips 

And what about the other gossips too?  Some say that the Poes now are quarreling over their shares in the production company hence Ronnie has decided to close shop.  But look how silly they can get.  The truth remains that Ronnie is extremely happy now that Andy Poe, his younger brother, has joined the movies.  And chances are that Ronnie will handle the direction.  And yes, it is going to be released through FPJ banner.

What about Susan's side?

Very recently I chanced to see a musical-variety program at the Philamlife auditorium and Susan happened to be sitting next to me.  As the program continued, Susan was the ever humorous gal injecting puns and wit whenever the situation demanded.  When somebody from behind whispered that Ric Manrique was around, many requested that the song Ang Daigdig Ko'y Ikaw be sung.  It was at this juncture that Susan whispered jestingly to me, "Don't you know that I am supposed to sing a sad tune now?  Not that popular Tagalog ditty any more which they claim is our theme song but one which goes like this."  She sang the first line of Matt Monro's Who Can I Turn To, after which we both exploded in glee.  This proves how much Susan knows about the rumors concerning her and Ronnie.

On the same occasion when two popular Tagalog balladeers hugged the spotlight, I suggested to Susan that she and Ronnie make another musical picture, with Ronnie using his own singing voice again.  She smiled and remarked that I have a one-track mind...I guess it's really like that.  When you talk to Susan, you can't avoid mentioning Ronnie and vie-versa.

She revealed that they will make a western movie together which will be shown perhaps in November or December.  She told me then not to print it yet but the word had already been going around so I am telling the readers now.

When I asked her if it's true that she wants to join the convent, she blurted out a naughty answer, "Nope!...I won't be a nun...Magpapari yata ako."

Let Them Talk

When I visited her on the set of her latest starrer Sitsiritsit Alibangbang, I tried to raise a question about the unfavorable news about Ronnie and herself but then on second thought I decided to keep mum.  I then remembered what she had told me in a chit-chat weeks ago, "Let them wag their tongues as much as they want...There are things or battles one can best fight in silence and that's just what's happening to me now..."

And in one instance when we happened to talk on some serious matters, Susan said, "Whenever you feel downhearted about anything just remember what He (God) said in the prayer He taught us...Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven... And that is just what I believe, whatever happens to me, whatever He gives to me, good or bad, is His will and it will be done according to what He wants..."

But are Ronnie and Susan really not on speaking terms?  Is there a misunderstanding between them now?

These questions I'd rather answer with a loud NO as I still see them together.  Specially when free from shootings they try to make it a point to hear Mass together on Sunday afternoons.  It is also a fact that Ronnie was among the very special guests of Rosemarie during her birthday.  And several days earlier, a happy couple in the persons of Ronnie and Susan were seen sweetly attentive to each other while attending a formal affair at the Manila Hotel where they stood as principal guests.

Rumors come and go about Ronnie and Susan because they are IT.  And when two popular faces such as theirs are in the limelight, it is to be expected that people will talk.  What happens then?  The pessimists naturally read in their tea leaves that Ronnie and Susan are now at the proverbial cat-and-mouse state while optimists watch the pair in their own crystal balls and predict something like this:  "Living in a nicely built home, filled with sunshine even on the darkest days and with happiness that lasts forever."

Anyway, let us all keep our fingers crossed that they will, someday, march down the aisle to put a happy ending to the rumors.

Source:  The Weekly Nation Magazine
              June 12, 1967

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