Friday, March 25, 2016

QUIET! STAR AT "WORK" (Screen Stardom, Vol. V, No. 6, 1969)

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  IT WAS NOT a scene in any picture, and those present just couldn’t seem to believe what they saw.  Susan Roces, the queen of Philippines movies, playing piko!  But there she was, deeply concentrated on the game, unmindful of the eyes watching her.  It was a sight to see Susan in rugged attire (white sweatshirt, faded jeans, rubber shoes, hair uncombed), and yet still so much of a lady.  All of a sudden, she was so young at heart, playing a child’s game, but with all the seriousness and determination of an adult to hurdle a major test.

       It all started when she arrived on the set so early, she sat on the steps of the stairs of a house near her shooting location watching the kids enjoying themselves.  In an instant, she went to join them, smilingly asked, “Puede bang sumali?”


       The children, of course, knew she was Susan Roces, the movie star, but they welcomed her as another player, another competition.  And Susan, with her innate sincerity, forgot her stature in the celebrated world she moves in, and took advantage of the few moments when she could relive the life of an ordinary girl who is so much young at heart.

Source:  Screen Stardom, Vol. V, No. 6 (1969)
From the magazine collection courtesy of Teena L.A.

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