Tuesday, September 29, 2009


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"5 Yugto Ng Buhay" (1961)
(Sampaguita Pictures, starring:
1st Story: "Gabay Ng Magulang"
Tito Galla, Greg Martin, Jean Lopez and Ernesto La Guardia
2nd Story: "Balatkayo"
Mario Montenegro and Lolita Rodriguez
3rd Story: "Princesita"
Susan Roces and Romeo Vasquez
4th Story: "Ang Magsasampaguita"
Rita Gomez, Tony Marzan and Panchito Alba
5th Story: "Palikero"
Paraluman, Luis Gonzales and Barbara Perez
Directed by Octavio Silos
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Sunday, September 27, 2009


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"Dope Addict" (1961)
(Sampaguita Pictures, starring Juancho Gutierrez, Susan Roces, Tito Galla, Tony Marzan, Naty Santiago and Rodolfo T. Reyes as himself, directed by Ding M. de Jesus)
(Movie Ads courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
(Courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
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Saturday, September 26, 2009


"Ang ating mga mata'y hindi marunong magsinungaling
Nababakas dito kung ano ang iyong damdamin
Kung ika'y natutuwa, nalulungkot, nagsisinungaling
Ang lahat ng ito'y sa mata masasalamin.
Lahat ng kahulugan sa puso mo'y nadarama
Kung pag-ibig na nga ba yaong sulyap ng mga mata
Kapag nagtama na ang paningin sa isa't isa
Pag-ibig na ito, wala na ngang iba!"
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Friday, September 25, 2009


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"Dugo Sa Aking Kamay" (1961)
(Vera-Perez Productions, starring Susan Roces, Romeo Vasquez, Barbara Perez, Tito Galla and Rosa Mia, directed by Armando Garces)
(Movie Ad courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
"DUGO SA AKING KAMAY" - Vera -Perez' first picture for 1961 was "Dugo Sa Aking Kamay" starring Susan Roces, Romeo Vasquez, Barbara Perez, Tito Galla and Rosa Mia. Co-starring were: Pablo Guevarra, Venchito Galvez, Aring Bautista, nenita Jana and Ven Medina. Screenplay: Mike Caguin. Story by Dr. Fausto J. Galauran serialized in Bulaklak and Alimyon magazines. Music by Dick Zamora. Photo shows: Romeo Vasquez and Susan Roces.
(Courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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Tin-Edyers Songs & Shows - August 22, 1968
Tin-Edyers Songs & Shows - June 27, 1968
Tin-Edyers Songs & Shows - September 5, 1970
Sixteen - November 22, 1968

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Monday, September 21, 2009


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"Amy, Susie & Tessie " (1960)

(Sampaguita Pictures, starring Amalia Fuentes, Susan Roces, Tessie Agana, Juancho Gutierrez, Romeo Vasquez, Jose Mari, Paraluman and Eddie Garcia, directed by Tony Cayado)

(Movie Ad courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
The glamorous Amy (Amalia Fuentes), the mischievous Tessie (Tessie Agana) and the brainy Susie (Susan Roces).
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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Three rare photos of Ms. Susan Roces with members of movie press headed by Ethel Ramos, during the shooting break of the movie "Patayin Mo Sa Sindak Si Barbara" at Sneak Island (c. 1974). Courtesy of Direk Boots "Butse" Plata, Ethel Ramos and Susan Roces Yahoogroup:
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Saturday, September 19, 2009


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"Ang Magkakapitbahay" (1960)
(Vera-Perez Productions, starring Dolphy, Susan Roces, Jose Mari, Rosa Mia, Panchito, Jean Lopez and Lito Legaspi, directed by Tony Cayado)
(Movie ad courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
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Thursday, September 17, 2009


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"Sa Hardin Ng Diyos" (1960)
(Vera Perez Productions, starring Fred Montilla, Juancho Gutierrez, Romeo Vasquez, Tito Galla, Amalia Fuentes, Susan Roces, Barbara Perez, Liberty Ilagan, Eddie Gutierrez, Meldy Corrales, Lito Legaspi and Boy Alano, directed by Mar S. Torres)
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BEATNIK (1960)

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"Beatnik" (1960)
(Sampaguita Pictures, starring Dolphy, Eddie Arenas, Susan Roces, Jose Mari, The Wing Duo, directed by Tony Cayado)
(Movie Ads courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
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Opening title sequence of "Beatnik" .
"Cheek to Cheek" dance sequence of Susan Roces, Jose Mari, Dolphy, Panchito and The Wing Duo.
The Wing Duo performing "Day by Day".
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 AMORES (1960)

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"7 Amores" (1960)
23rd Anniversary Presentation of Sampaguita Pictures, Inc. starring:
1. Igorot Story
Mario Montenegro and Rita Gomez
Directed by Carlos Vander-Tolosa
2. Ilocano Story
Ric Rodrigo and Lolita Rodriguez
Directed by Armando Garces
3. Pampango Story
Luis Gonzales and Jean Lopez
Directed by Tony Cayado
4. Tagalog Story
Amalia Fuentes and Romeo Vasquez
Directed by Octavio Silos
5. Bicol Story
Marlene Dauden and Greg Martin
Directed by Jose de Villa
6. Visayan Story
Susan Roces and Jose Mari
Directed by Conrado Conde
7. Moro Story
Dolphy, Barbara Perez, Tito Galla, Wing Duo and Panchito
Directed by Mar S. Torres
with The Honeymooners:
Gloria Romero and Juancho Gutierrez
(Movie Ad courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
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Friday, September 11, 2009


“Supported by facts and figures, writer Baby Karunungan Jimenez says that the most hottest star of the nation and undoubtedly “The Queen of Local Cinema is Susan Roces”.
From SCREEN STARDOM Vol. V; No. 4; Page 6-9 Year 1966

1. When she was awarded the ‘GOLD LOVING CUP” as most Outstanding Sampaguitan and at the same time unanimously branded as Miss PR, many were of the opinion that Susan was at the peak of her career and that was still 5 years ago. Her winning the MISS PHILIPPINE MOVIES made everybody think that it was her golden year.
Susan Roces with the Gold Loving Cup as most outstanding Sampaguitan and Miss PR.
Muse of the Sampaguita Pictures Family Club.
2. Hence, it’s a cinch that 1965’s box office queen was Susan because she has been “it” since 1961. 3. Tho’ Susan was not the real no. 1 in 1959, she was already given a certificate of distinction by the Vera-Perezes for scoring a rating close to the reigning queen, Gloria Romero. In 1960 she receives 2 plaques: as most popular box-office star given by VP again and the SHOWMEN’s CLUB.
Susan receiving a plaque from Showmen's Club as the most popular box office star.
4. However, it was not still Susan who topped the moneymakers in 1960. As the list from the papers would have it, Gloria was still leading due to the hit of “ANG SUMPAAN NATIN”, her last pic as a “Miss” with Juancho Gutierrez. Number 2 placer then was Susan and 3rd was Amalia Fuentes.
5. Came 1961, which Sampaguitans considered a crucial time. Bobby Vasquez left Sampaguita this year, and it was only “ECA BABABUT”, A Susan-Luis Gonzales starrer that gained a no. 3 position in the top-ten list.
6. In 1962, Susan came out with a loud bang. She finally made it with 4 of her films in the first 10 including “SUSANANG DALDAL” and ‘SUSAN, SUSAY, SUSIE”. At this time, a market survey on the box-office potentialities of movie stars was made.
7. Susan Roces, however, is acclaimed THE STAR throughout the country and they don’t care very much just what kind of picture she appears in”, the report said.
8. In 1963, the club didn’t hand out awards. But it was apparent that Susan was in the van of money-makers. Susan was the only movie star who enjoyed the privilege of having 3 of her pictures among the 1st 10 grossers. Bookers in and out of the city seemed to have clamored for Susan headliners.
9. The year 1964 had Susan at the front once more. Her “EDDIE LOVES SUSIE” ranked in the biggest pesos for VP’s coffers. Susan had 5 in the first 10:
1963 Miss Philippine Movies
1964 Queen of Philippine Movies
1965 Reyna Ng Pelikulang Pilipino
1966 Miss Show Business
In the runner-up category (11-20), Susan had the most number again:
“HI-SOSAYTI”, “BINIBIRO LAMANG KITA”, and ‘LIBIS NG BARYO”. POE and FUENTES had one, their very first (and last????) team-up “WALANG HANGGAN” placing only 13th.
10. As a solo-flight star, Susan was and is much a sensation. In 1956, she alone was billed as “THE FACE THAT REFRESHES”.
11. At this particular period, the contest seemed to be this: SUSAN vs. AMALIA and BOBBY. This alone explains well how tremendous Susan’s appeal is. This is the Susan Roces distinct charm.
12. March 1965, Susan joined the rank-and-file of freelancers where race is evidently cutthroat. And granting that it was the freelancing year of Susan, it’s a safe bet that Susan was again 1965’s box-office grant.
13. All the movies she made in 1965 were mostly in color and they were either anniversary or initial presentations of film companies. Believe to have garnered the biggest amount was “ANG DAIGDIG KO’Y IKAW” which on it’s first day showing alone collected a meaty sum of P36,000.00. IT WAS THE FIRST LOCAL PICTURE TO HAVE SCORED THAT MUCH. Her movies like ‘PILIPINAS KONG MAHAL”, “BUHAY SA BUHAY”, “BAYAN KO, LUMABAN KA!” and ‘ANA-ROBERTA” were favorite contenders at the box-office. What’s more, her very 1st freelance year meant to be too rosy for her considering that it earned her another trip abroad in ‘ROMANSA SA WORLD’S FAIR” and a FAMAS nomination in “Ana-Roberta”.
14. Other Susan pictures that scored mightily like a tropical monsoon were “PAG-IBIG, IKAW ANG MAY SALA”, “HAMON SA KAMPEON” (shown for almost 3 weeks) and ‘PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE” (exhibited for 2 and a half weeks).
15. As a freelancer, Susan has appeared in several outfits: FPJ, Jafere, D’Lanor, Marpagen, Emar, GM, VP, Sampaguita, LEA, Gold Star, Ambassador, John-John, Pablo Santiago, RAS and United Brothers (etc.). Talks are rife that she’s being eyed by VINES and PEOPLES. No other female star has appeared in such number of productions in a considerable short period as a freelancer.
16. 1966 is Susan’s year again. Susan’s showing in the 1st six months is so high a record to be surpassed by any other female star. And among the male, it’s RONNIE once more. Their “ZAMBOANGA” has already earned something about P400,000.00 and is still making more in different parts of the islands.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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Handsome (1959)
(Sampaguita Pictures, starring Susan Roces, Jose Mari, directed by Carlos Vander Tolosa)
(Movie Ad courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
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