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Courtesy of Bing Manalo of Susan Roces Yahoogroup:

Sharing with you a very rare moment when the great stars of yesteryears came together at Walang Tulugan's tribute to Sampaguita and LVN Stars. Both were taped last Oct. 16, 2010, Sampaguita episode was aired on the same night while LVN will be aired on October 30, a day after the birthday of LVN's matriarch Doña Sisang. Incidentally, the patriach of Sampaguita Pictures, the late Doctor Perez also celebrated his birthday a day before Sampaguita's tribute (Oct. 15).

Sampaguita stars who came were:

1) Susan Roces
2) Gloria Romero
3) Bella Flores
4) Amaparo Lucas
5) Eddie Gutierrez
6) Romeo Rivera
7) Pepito Rodriguez
8) Boy Alano
9) Gina Alajar
10) and Sheryl Cruz who represented her mom Rosemarie Sonora

LVN Stars who came were:

1) the legendary Mila del Sol (mom of Jeanne Young), the star of LVN's first film Giliw Ko in 1939, she's now 87 years old but still beautiful.

I asked her if she wants to do a soap in GMA, she said "try me" =) She appeared in ABS-CBN's Rosalka recently.

2) Lilia Dizon, the mom of Christopher, Pinky and Melissa de Leon. She's the original Ms. Body Beautiful via the film Bathaluman. She's now 82.

3) Delia Razon, the Queen of Costume Pictures, the grandmother of Carla Abellana.

4) Myrna Obligacion (wife of the late Oscar Obligacion).

5) singer Anthony Castelo, who represented his uncle Val Castelo.

Great to see all these legends, very approachable and accommodating. Pilita Corales, Dulce, Jay-R, Ogie Alcasid, Noelle Cassandra, Chris Cayzer, sang a song for them while photos and video clips of Sampaguita & LVN stars are shown at the big videowall background. - Bing Manalo

 Sampaguita Pictures Stars

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Romeo Rivera, Amparo Lucas, Boy Alano, Bella Flores, Susan Roces, Eddie Gutierrez, Gloria Romero, Pepito Rodriguez & Sheryl Cruz

Pepito Rodriguez, Susan Roces, Sheryl Cruz, Amparo Lucas, Gloria Romero

German "Kuya Germs" Moreno, Romeo Rivera, Susan Roces, Bella Flores, Eddie Gutierrez, Boy Alano, Gloria Romero, Amparo Lucas, Pepito Rodriguez, Sheryl Cruz

Susan Roces, Bing Manalo, Eddie Gutierrez

Sampaguita Pictures and LVN Pictures Stars

Mico Aytona and Ms. Susan Roces

LVN Pictures Stars

Bing with Mila del Sol

Delia Razon, Ruby (daughter of Bella Flores), Gloria Romero

Bing with Delia Razon

Gloria Romero and Lilia Dizon

Bing with Jackie Lou-Blanco

Bing with Lilia Dizon

Kuya Germs, Mila del Sol, Lilia Dizon, Delia Razon.

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  1. Maraming maraming salamat James for posting these videos. I live in the U.S. and I cannot watch this live. I am an avid fan of Susan Roces. Sana some of her old films will be on you tube na.