Friday, October 15, 2010


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Article written by Ross F. Celino, Jr.
Jingle Extra Hot Magazine, April 20, 1981

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  1. I know what a classy woman Susan is. I estimate that in 1981 would be Ronian's birth year. I am sure Susan was aware of this. As an avid fan of her, I just cannot imagine the hurt since both of them are public figures. And I know FPJ is not a saint but he has the will to choose his options in "this extra curricular activities." Even before this couple got married I'm sure Susan thought of this that this man is already an icon, terribly goodlooking, has money. What is dangerous is women (however many and no matter what age) will also fall for him whether he is married or not or whether he is much older than them. I guess being a celebrity adds to this difficulty. Philandering is more common with celebrities especially in the entertainment field. I am glad that Susan lived through this ordeal. Actually, as her fan I am not giving her self-pity because she deserves better. I applaud her inner strength. "Adultery issues" are very hard to forgive and forget and is a sin (it is in the 10 commandments). Susan is one in a million. Too bad Ronnie became weak in his promise at the altar back in 1968. May he rest in peace.

  2. God Bless You Jesusa Sonora- Poe :) <3 were so bless to have you <3