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FOR LOVERS ONLY (The Weekly Nation Magazine, September 4, 1967)

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(Published in The Weekly Nation Magazine, September 4, 1967)

IN SAMPAGUITA Pictures’ To Love Again, Alex (Eddie Gutierrez), a star reporter and confirmed playboy, and Jim (Romeo Rivera) are close friends from way back who share an apartment with Boy (Boy Alano), Alex’s sidekick, who aids and abets him in his playboy pranks.

     One day, after a gay party the night before in which he is disabled, Jim forces Alex to pinchhit for him at a date with the object of his affection, Delia (Susan Roces).  Alex takes Bella (Bella Flores), one of his girl friends, with him to Bella’s party so he won’t be bored as he expects to be.

     To his pleasant surprise, Delia turns out to be the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, and he promptly tries to monopolize her the whole evening, much to Bella’s disgust.  On the other hand, Delia is amused, not repelled, by his open admiration.
     From hereon, Alex woes Delia with determination.  He enlists Boy’s help in sidetracking Jim.  The latter gets mad he provokes a fight in which he is bested by Alex.

     Delia falls in love with Alex because of his engaging charms and in spite of herself.  But Jim warns her about Alex’s philandering ways and even names his girl friends and their addresses.
     Delia decides to teach Alex a lesson by gathering these girls together and confronting him.  Though momentarily taken aback, Alex surprises Delia and the girls with a formal proposal of marriage to Delia.  Delia, realizing his sincerity, accepts his proposal. 

     Their marriage is one long honeymoon, with Alex turning a new leaf now that he has found his true love.  But their happiness is short-lived when Alex gets orders to cover the war in Vietnam.

     One day Delia’s world explodes when she receives news that Alex has been reported missing.  She suffers a stroke, and the doctor diagnoses a serious heart ailment.
Is Alex dead or alive?  Will Delia recover?  What role will Dina, Delia’s twin sister (Susan Roces) who came from abroad, play in the story?

     To Love Again is directed by Mar S. Torres in Eastman color.

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