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(Release Date:  September 14, 1978)

Lino Brocka discusses a scene with Susan Roces and cinematographer Conrado Baltazar.


"How does he size up Susan Roces?  “She has a lot of potential.  You know, she really touched me when she said, ‘You know, when we were young, the tragedy of actresses like us, we were built up as commercial stars who were doing one movie after another.  Now we are older and with more experience, there are no more good roles for us.’  She’s a rare actress, like Lolita Rodriguez.  She only allows the public to know what she wants them to know.  Unlike other stars na public spectacles at the beck and call of the audience.

She really suits the role in ‘Gumising Ka, Maruja.’  That’s why I insisted that nobody else play it but her.  What I really like in her is her humility.  Just like Dolphy.  When I worked with them, parang we had a crash training program in acting.  When we did a scene, paulit-ulit talaga.  And not a word of complaint.  That’s where the veteran in them comes out.  Hindi tulad ng mga bago ngayon.  Mainipin.  When you suggest a retake, ‘Tama na ‘yan.  Okey na ‘yan.”  E, papano ngang hindi tama na ‘yan e maglalagari pa sa ibang set.  They’re not really excited by the art of acting.”

- Excerpt from an interview by Mario E. Bautista published in Philippines Daily Express, “The Essential Brocka:  Part I:  The Starmaker”, September 15, 1978.

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