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ENTER SUSAN ROCES, THE ACTRESS (Manila Chronicle Entertainment Guide, 1967)

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Article by Donnie Ramirez
The Manila Chronicle Entertainment Guide

FOR Susan Roces, it's been a long, long way from the time she first entered the glitter-world that is the movies.  Gone is the baby fat and the youthful chubbiness.  What is left now is a smart, slim and well-poised young woman -- more matured and sophisticated, but still retaining the wholesome loveliness and refreshing appeal that have made her the "darling" of local movie fans.

Susan started in Sampaguita Pictures some seven years ago.  Since then, she has gone on to become the undisputed "queen".  Her pictures, mostly tongue-in-cheek musical comedies, are always heavy box-office block-busters.  She has amassed legions of fans -- diehard followers willing to risk their lives to defend her and to push her up even higher.  she has travelled abroad, either in line of duty as an actress, or as a worthy and capable ambassador of goodwill for the Philippines.

With all these blessings, it seems that Susan couldn't ask for more.  She's got practically everything.  Practically, because she has yet to be accorded that one singular honor that makes for complete fulfillment as an artist -- the honor that comes in the form of a small bronze statuette symbolizing official recognition of her true worth as an actress.  She came very near to getting the Famas award a couple of years back for her sensitive performance in "Ana Roberta."  But that was the closest she got.

This year, however, Susan might yet finally realize that long-cherished dream.  Her performance in "Maruja" where she triumphantly portrayed a difficult dual role was so electrifying that even now, she is being bruited about as the actress most likely to run away with the coveted Famas statuette.

Of course, the race is not all hers.  There is Charito Solis, this year's winner of the Asian Filmfest award for Best Actress.  There is also Maggie de la Riva who is said to be giving all she's got in her current comeback vehicle, "Ang Langit Ay Para Sa Lahat."  But with some luck, and Susan is one girl who seems to be having an extra-bountiful share of it all the time, she might still get that elusive statuette and rightfully say, "Now I'm an actress!" 

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