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By Baby K. Jimenez

"I'M dreaming of a white Christmas."  The words may sound trite but when they are spoken by a not-so-ordinary individual like movie queen Susan Roces, the hackneyed sentence glows with a special meaning.

"If I have my way, I would spend this Yuletide abroad and witness a real-white Christmas," Susan said.  "But with my shooting schedules and all, I doubt if this wish of mine would materialize."

Susan is being invited by a close friend in New York to spend a few days' vacation there this season.  Another friend, Pempe Rodrigo-Oreta, who is also bound on another pleasure trip, has repeatedly encouraged Susan to join her.  But at the moment Susan doesn't have the time.  Come March of next year though, she may jet to Japan with the cast of Sayonara, My Darling, after which she might consider accepting another assignment abroad from Gretas Productions which is scheduled to be lensed in New York and other US cities.

Perhaps the mostest godmother is Susan.  Right now she has, believe it or not, about 500 godchildren.  Another prospective godchild is Anna-Lissa or Liezl, the one and only child of Romeo Vasquez and Amalia Fuentes.  Now that Alex Muhlach, Amalia's brother, is back from the States, confirmation rites for Liezl will be taking place soon, with Alex and Susan as the principal sponsors.

"I'm always home on Christmas because that is the only day when I can see all my godchildren.  It's wonderful to play Santa Claus to such loving kids," Susan said.

This may sound surprising but true:  the Sonoras only get together for about twice of thrice a year.  Since most of them are involved in show business, Susan, Rosemarie, Tessie and Joey have a real family get-together on the few occasions that they are all free from their commitments.  Christmas has always been "reunion time" for them.

"All my Christmases have always been so memorable and colorful," Susan recalled.

Most of the memorable events in Susan's life took place during the Christmastide.  Like for instance when her father, Dr. Jesus Sonora, then a resident physician in America, decided to make his homecoming.  Christmas Day was fast approaching at that time and his arrival meant so much to the family.

The first coronation of Susan as Queen of Philippine Movies happened in a December too.  When Susan thought of venturing into the freelanching field, her producer, Doc Perez, gave her the go-signal during the Yule season.

So many other things which are more associated with her private life as Jesusa Sonora occurred immediately before or after December 25.

Does this mean too that the most awaited event in her life -- her wedding -- will be realized on Christmas?  Only she probably would know, but one thing is definite.  That come December 25 Susan will receive a gift from a special someone -- and that is the gift she really wants most for Christmas.

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Source:  The Weekly Nation Magazine
              December 11, 1967

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