Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 AMORES (1960)

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"7 Amores" (1960)
23rd Anniversary Presentation of Sampaguita Pictures, Inc. starring:
1. Igorot Story
Mario Montenegro and Rita Gomez
Directed by Carlos Vander-Tolosa
2. Ilocano Story
Ric Rodrigo and Lolita Rodriguez
Directed by Armando Garces
3. Pampango Story
Luis Gonzales and Jean Lopez
Directed by Tony Cayado
4. Tagalog Story
Amalia Fuentes and Romeo Vasquez
Directed by Octavio Silos
5. Bicol Story
Marlene Dauden and Greg Martin
Directed by Jose de Villa
6. Visayan Story
Susan Roces and Jose Mari
Directed by Conrado Conde
7. Moro Story
Dolphy, Barbara Perez, Tito Galla, Wing Duo and Panchito
Directed by Mar S. Torres
with The Honeymooners:
Gloria Romero and Juancho Gutierrez
(Movie Ad courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
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